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Read This Before Power Washing

Read This Before Power Washing

Power washing and pressure washing are terms that many use interchangeably. These are in fact, though, two different processes, both of which can help remove debris and gunk from a variety of surfaces.

Being educated on when to use heated power washing versus pressure washing, and when it is ok to use added detergents and chemicals can help you make good decisions when cleaning. Decisions that will help preserve your home and property for years to come. That is why Wilson’s Power Washing and Sealing wants to share with you a few do’s and don’ts when it comes to power and pressure washing.

When to Power Wash

As we mentioned, power washing enlists the aid of hot water. So, power washing can provide a more intense and thorough cleaning than pressure washing. But high heat and high pressure can prove damaging to some materials. So, be careful. It is best to use power washing when cleaning surfaces like driveways and to remove stubborn grime, mold, and grease.

When to Pressure Wash

Pressure washing is by far the safer option of the two. Especially when being used by an unprofessional. Wood decks, bricks, and siding can all be compromised if power washed. Pressure washing these surfaces will work in your favor by not causing unnecessary damage.

Know Your Cleansers

There are a wide variety of cleaners ranging from professional to residential and everything in between. There are cleaners that are designed to remove dirt, disinfectants that are used to kill all organisms, and sanitizers that are meant to kill most bacteria instantly. By reading the chemical label, you should be able to decipher its intended purpose. Be aware that you should use the appropriate soaps for the project you are working on and you can eliminate wasting money or damaging property.

What to Avoid Washing

At the end of the day, there are just some things that ultimately should not be power or pressure washed. Sandstone, for example, is much too soft. You will only end up eroding it. Paint can be quite fragile and if not done with the skill of a professional, you can wash and chip it away. Asphalt roofing is another item that when under pressure will be destroyed. And another big one is stained wood. Power washing wood decks and things like it can literally remove the staining from the wood.

If you want a more in-depth discussion of things you want to avoid power washing or if you would like to know the potential dangers of power washing, have a look at our other blogs. If you want to be sure that your property will remain undamaged, call Wilson’s Power Washing and Sealing today! Our team is kept continually up to date with all the proper procedures when it comes to power washing. We know what nozzle, cleaner, and water temperature to use to get you the most effective clean without damaging your surfaces.

By Wilson's Power Washing and Sealing 1-13-2020


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