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Reasons to Clean Your Roof

Reasons to Clean Your Roof

Algae, moss and lichens, oh my! These are the culprits responsible for the dark streaks you see on many Mid-Atlantic roofs today. And while removing these from your roof will certainly increase your curb appeal, perhaps you do not consider these dark streaks to be that much of an eyesore. Aesthetics aside, there are a few additional reasons why you should be sure to have your roof cleaned. Here’s why.

One of the biggest reasons to clean your roof is to prolong its lifespan. Considering that replacing a roof can generally cost you around $10,000, surely, we all want to get as many years as we can out of our roofs. The problem with neglecting those pesky algae and bacteria is that they can be eating away at your hefty investment. On top of that, if your roof is covered in dark algae, it can prevent the shingles from reflecting the sun away from your home, costing you more money in utility bills.

As we discussed, algae and moss can eventually eat away at your shingles, leaving important wooden beams in your roof vulnerable. Since algae and moss hold onto moisture, wood’s archnemesis, this also invites rot to take root in these vital components. If you have an attic, an additional unwanted side-effect could be wild animals. Because many animals are attracted to the smell of rotten wood, if it is present in your home, you may have to deal with raccoons, squirrels, and mice taking up lodging in your uppermost room.

Although cleaning your roof can initially seem unnecessary and like a bit of a headache, it can truly save you money in the long run. By calling a professional such as Wilson’s Power Washing & Sealing to help with your rooftop maintenance, you can rest assured that your investment will last you decades. Do not be startled by our name, though. We always use the lowest possible pressure to do the job so that your property is never damaged. Our hot water washing along with our eco-friendly cleaning solution will effectively kill any organic matter residing on your roof. Never scrubbing or brushing, our technicians are careful to never damage shingles or even surrounding landscaping.

We also provide other kinds of pressure washing services on surfaces where it is safe to do so, such as driveways. If you need cleaning done on one or more areas of your home, be sure to give us a ring!

By Wilsons Power Washing and Sealing 7-22-2019

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