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Dont Let Your Deck Become a Statistic

Dont Let Your Deck Become a Statistic

The North American Decking and Railing Association (NADRA) estimates 30 million of the more than 60 million wood decks in the United States need replacement or serious repair.

Wilson Power Washing and Sealing strives to keep that number at bay in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area. If your residential or commercial deck is structurally sound, Wilson Power Washing and Sealing will give it the appearance and protection it needs.

Damaging effects

Exposure to high levels of stress from severe weather conditions shrinks and swells wood. Direct sunlight, severe heat, rain, and morning dew lead to checks, cracks, raised grain, and mildew, which increases the risk of decay and insect attacks.

Yearly inspection

NADRA recommends a thorough inspection of decking:

  • Check for splitting or decaying wood.
  • Inspect flashing and fasteners for corrosion or loosening.
  • Make sure lighting and electrical elements are in safe working order.
  • Check stairs, railings, and banisters for any problems.
  • Clean leaves and other debris off all decking surfaces, including under outdoor furniture and storage.
  • Check around grills, fire pits, and other heating elements for stress from the added heat.
  • Trees, bushes, and other plant life need to be appropriately trimmed from the decking to prevent pests and other issues.

Cleaning and protecting

Pressure-treated wood ensures the longevity of a deck, but added finishes bolster the life and appearance of the wood.

Once the deck is appropriately cleaned off and checked, it may be time for an additional finisher. If mildew or other stains appear on the deck, call in Wilson Power Washing and Sealing to take care of the pressure washing.

After a couple of non-rainy days, they can return to apply the necessary product. Wilson Power Washing and Sealings maintains status as an installer of Behr and Sikkens exterior products.

Wood finishers​

Generally, wood finishers break down to penetrating finishers and film-forming finishes. Mark Knaebe of the USDA Forest Service Products Laboratory recommends penetrating formulas, which absorb into the wood. This absorption maintains the form of the wood and repels unwanted elements like mildew. Within the penetrating formulas, Knaebe further recommends semitransparent stains which hold more pigment to increase durability and leave no film once applied correctly.

As a licensed and insured company, Wilson Power Washing and Sealing brings all this knowledge to the look and longevity of your deck.

By Wilson's Power Washing and Sealing 7-23-2020

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