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Safety Tips When Using a Power Washer

Safety Tips When Using a Power Washer

You might think that a power washer is an easy piece of machinery to use. After all you just plug it into an outlet and hook the hose up to it. There doesn’t seem like there is much that can go wrong. Make sure it has the oil it needs in it and that there are not any holes in the line. Other than that, what would you really need to watch out for? Pro-Washer understands just how dangerous power washing can be so we will break down what could happen and how to prevent it.

The first thing that is important to recognize is that anytime you have liquid shooting out at a high pressure it can do damage to surfaces. A pressure washer is of no exception. It is a common misconception to think that the water coming out won’t hurt that bad or at all. Time and again people see that there is something on them and they think that it will be ok to brush it off with the water coming out of the pressure washer. What happens if you do this?

You might as well take a knife to the area you’re wanting to hit with the pressure washer. The pressure is so high that even if you have gloves on, it will go straight through and could cut your skin. There are times when doing this has resulted in amputations or the loss of mobility in the finger or hands in where the pressure washer hit. Still others had to have the doctor cut further into the area where it hit in order to properly clean it. It is dangerous to say the least.

What can you do to prevent this from occurring? The first thing is making sure that there is no one in the way of where you are power washing. You don’t want to accidentally hurt someone. The second, don’t let children use such powerful machinery. And lastly, never think it is ok to put any part of your body in front of the power washer. This includes even if it can go to a lower pressure. Just make it a habit to use the hose or other means but never the power washer.

Pro-Washer understands that it can be scary when using such a powerful tool. If you are leery about it, then just give us a call today. We know how to operate it safely. Anything that you need cleaned, we are able to do! You can also fill out our online request form to get a free estimate.

By Wilson's Power Washing and Sealing 6-24-2020


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