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What is the Green Stuff Growing on My Roof

What is the Green Stuff Growing on My Roof?

Have you noticed green stuff living on your roof lately? Some may find the look desirable. A patina look of sorts. But what exactly causes parts of your roof to turn green, and is it a big deal to ignore it?

The answer to why your roof is turning green is living organisms. Moss, algae, and lichen. And you should not just ignore them when they show up because they will eventually cause damage to your roof.

With some skill, they can be easy to remove from your roof with soft wash cleanings, however. Regular cleanings can prevent algae from building up on your roof. To know how to best remove the organisms, you need to know which ones you are dealing with. Here is how to tell.


Moss can grow on just about any surface, including the ground, roofs, sidewalks, and trees. Moss creates tiny spores that get spread through the air. During the colder months, especially when it is moist, these spores are active. When moss absorbs all moisture in the air, it begins to establish roots on your roof. These roots can lift your shingles. Once the shingles are raised, this can lead to mold and bacteria growth. Left untreated, the moss can cause holes in your roof, which creates the risk of leaks in your home.


If you have algae on your roof, the algae are eating the roof. When you have shingles, they are made with limestone to help give the shingles weight. The downside of limestone is that it attracts moisture. The moisture then makes an excellent breeding ground for algae growth. When algae feeds on the limestone, the shingles become weak. Your shingles will now be more likely to wash or blow away.


Lichen can grow just about anywhere on an exterior surface. Once it takes root on your roof, it can cause moisture to be trapped under the shingles. This moisture can then cause damage to the wood in your roof. This will lead to leaks and the need for an expensive repair.

It is clear to see why you will want to get your roof cleaned as soon as possible on the first sighting of any sort of green residing on your rooftop. If you are suffering from a green roof, call Wilson's Power Washing and Sealing. We are trusted professionals who can soft wash your roof using the right power settings and the right detergents. This will leave you with a thoroughly cleaned roof without any risk of damage.

By Wilson's Power Washing and Sealing 11-25-2020


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