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Stubborn Stains That Power Washing Can Remove

Stubborn Stains That Power Washing Can Remove

It is difficult to put into words how an old, dirty, or worn facade and accompanying external components can detract from a residence's visual appeal.

Stains are amongst the worst contributors to a home's external decline. If you have scrubbed and scrubbed away at stubborn stains with no success, you will be happy to learn that power washing is a great way to remove traditionally tough eyesores.

Brief Power Washing Overview

Power washing is an advanced form of exterior cleansing in which specialized water-dispensing equipment is utilized to spray highly pressurized, large quantities of heated water onto a surface. The strength of this action is thought to help water access stubborn collections of offending particles and penetrate hard to reach locations.

Power Washing Can Help to Fight Stubborn Stains

Mold And Mildew

These potentially hazardous substances possess the capacity to cause major visual disturbances and serious illness in sensitive subjects. Therefore, health experts maintain that said materials must be removed as soon as they are detected.

Above all, these annoyances typically leave behind noticeable stains. Luckily, many power washing tools are fitted with mold and mildew removers rendering the process easier and more efficient.


Few staining substances prove to be more appearance-threatening than rust. This material often forms on aging structures like piping and metal objects. Most power washing devices can easily rinse rust away. Over the long haul, said efforts prevent homeowners from the need to undertake the arduous task of scraping or sanding rust off impacted surfaces.


Over time, even the best paint jobs will fade, peel, or flake. Unfortunately, such occurrences tend to collect on exterior components like siding. That said, careful application of power washing equipment can thoroughly remove tiring paint.

Mineral Deposits

Chemicals and minerals like lime and calcium often collect in rainwater and form rough, hard sediments capable of staining the structures they meet. These anomalies can be particularly difficult to remove without the benefit of power washing.

Oil And Grease

These liquids are often the biggest culprits of driveway staining. Power washing machines enjoy a solid reputation as eliminators of these usually tough to remove stains.

Homeowners residing in Arlington and other neighboring northern Virginia areas are encouraged to contact Wilson's Power Washing and Sealing for stain removal. Our company possesses many years’ experience working with the most state-of-the-art remediation equipment and in removing a wide array of stains.

By Wilson's Power Washing and Sealing 9-17-2021


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