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Things You Should Not Power Wash

Things You Should Not Power Wash

Power or pressure washing a grimy driveway or dingy fence is surely up there on the list of most satisfying chores. The addictive feeling of blasting away dirt to reveal the pristine condition hidden underneath may leave you with the urge to power wash anything and everything. But is that wise?

At Wilson’s Power Washing and Sealing, we are pros. So, we know how to use different cleaning solutions and water pressures in order to leave any cleaned surface damage free. On top of that, we know which surfaces you should definitely avoid. Because power washing is a common DIY project, we want to make sure that you have the knowledge to do it without damaging your home. So, we have put together a handy list of things you should never power wash.


You may be power washing the outside of your home and figure that you might as well hit the outside of your windows while you are at it, but not so fast! The pressure of the water that comes from a power washing machine is incredibly strong, and therefore is very likely to break your windows. Save yourself some time and money and just wash your windows the good ol’ fashioned way.


It is likely that you are interested in power washing the outside of your home. Usually this is a fairly safe surface to do so. One word of caution, however, when it comes to wood siding. Be cautious of the intensity of pressure you are using, because there is the possibility of you forcing water under your siding and from there that could welcome mold or even get so far as to damage insulation or wiring.

Electrical Fixtures

Electrical panels and outdoor lighting are able to stand up to rainstorms and other sorts of weather, but if you are battering them with concentrated water, they may not be able to handle the pressure. In fact, that water may find a way into the central wiring through cracks and crevices, and that would present you with unwanted problems and repairs. Best to just skip power washing these guys.

Asphalt Shingles

If the thought of working from such heights as your roof does not turn you off to the idea of power washing your asphalt shingles, consider then the damage doing so would bring upon them. Power washing asphalt shingles in particular will remove the granules that are vital in protecting your roof. No doubt, you have invested a pretty penny in your roofing and home and do not want to leave it vulnerable to advanced wear and tear. So, it is best to think twice before embarking on this particular endeavor.


Power washing your vehicle may not seem like it will not be that much different than the drive through car washes, but believe us, it is. Power washing your vehicle may result in dents and chipped paint, subjecting your car to rust. Hard pass!

Speaking of chipped paint, if tempted to power wash chipping lead paint from a surface, it is best not to. Lead paint is hazardous and surely you will want to avoid kicking up that kind of debris into the air and surrounding areas around you.

People, Pets, and Plants

Not to beat a dead horse, but at this point you are definitely aware of the damaging power that comes from a power washing machine. Needless to say, you definitely want to avoid power washing people or pets. The pressure can cause bruising and can even break skin. Yikes! As far as your yard goes, surely you spend a good chunk of time landscaping and making your yard look nice. The last thing you will want to do is power wash your grass and plants. It is most likely to just destroy them.

If you are still unsure of which surfaces are safe to power wash, give us call! As was mentioned, we are pros and we definitely know how to clean your home in a way that will leave you with all the bits and pieces intact. Give us a call today to schedule a free estimate!

By Wilson's Power Washing and Sealing 9-16-2019


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