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Whats The Difference Between a Power Washer and a Pressure Washer

Whats The Difference Between a Power Washer and a Pressure Washer

Many have come to use the terms power washer and pressure washer interchangeably, but are they the same? Short answer, no. So, what is the difference between these two powerful tools?

These machines both use a powerful, steady stream of water to clean and are used to accomplish similar outcomes but do so in a slightly different manner. The main difference is the temperature of the water.

Power Washer

Another term for a power washer is “hot water pressure washer”. As you can probably guess, a power washer utilizes heat as well as pressure, whereas a pressure washer relies strictly on force. A power washer allows the user to vary the temperature of the water up to around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes it especially powerful against stubborn substances like chewing gum or tar. It can also be used to remove mildew and kill weeds or moss without the use of harsh chemicals. If you have a large amount of a substance to remove, a power washer might be the tool of choice. However, you will need to carefully consider whether the heat will damage the item you are trying to clean.

Pressure Washer

As previously mentioned, a pressure washer does not utilize heat to clean, only force. This tool is best for surfaces that could be damaged by high heat. If you are only dealing with dirt and soil, then a pressure washer is especially useful. However, if you are attempting to clean off a substance that contains oil or grease, then it may not be quite enough. So why not just get a power washer? They must be better right? Well, if you need the heat then yes, but power washers can be as much as twice the cost of a power washer.

Should I Purchase My Own, Rent, or Higher a Pro?

Many opt for hiring a professional to do their power or pressure washing. Some reasons are cost, safety, property damage, maintenance, training, and experience. To purchase a pressure washer, especially a hot water one can be a big expense and might be an unnecessary one if it is rarely used. Along with these powerful machines comes the need for maintenance. Without regular care, they can become defective, but regular care takes time out of your busy schedule. It will also take time to understand how to use a power washer safely and effectively.

When using a pressure washer, as with any powerful tool, there are many safety concerns to consider some of which include skin Injuries, hand and foot injuries, eye injuries, and even lead paint exposure. You also face less chance of damage to your property when you go with a trained professional who has the experience and training in how to choose the best tool for each surface.

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By Wilson's Power Washing and Sealing 5-15-2021


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