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When to Seal Your Deck

When to Seal Your Deck?

As the sun continues to beat down and the rain showers come and go it causes wear and tear on the stain and seal of your deck. Even more wear and tear is caused by dogs with their lovely nails. As you hear the nails scratch across the deck a look of revulsion might come across your face. At what point do you look at your deck and say its time to get it sealed? Wilson’s Power Washing and Sealing wants to help you identify when is the best time to take care of your deck to make sure that it is protected from the elements.

If you have dogs, there is going to be a point where they scratch your wood deck but that doesn’t mean that you must go and have it redone at the first scratch though. The stain on wood is resilient. However, over the course of time there becomes signs that if you’re not aware of it can be missed, as big as they are. When you start to see that natural color of the wood start to peak through more and more it’s a good sign that it needs to be re-stained.

If you don’t have dogs though and your deck still looks great, does that mean that your deck is still protected? In short, the answer is no. It depends on the type of stain that you get but a stain will typically become ineffective anywhere after 1-5 years. If you don’t know the type of stain on your deck, then a good rule of thumb is to get is re-stained at about 3 years even if your deck still looks good.

So, if you’re in need to get your deck re-stained then call Wilson’s Power Washing and Sealing today! We can skillfully strip the stain from your deck in a way that keeps the integrity of the wood. In stripping the deck with a power washer, we reduce the risks of gouges that are commonly caused by a sander. When gouges happen, the applied stains accentuate such gouges causing your deck to look less beautiful in appearance. Our professional technicians can remove the old stain on your deck in a way that protects the beauty of your deck. Call for a free estimate today!

By Wilson's Power Washing and Sealing 7-24-2018


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